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What Causes Acne?

Acne can be an incredibly frustrating problem. Even when you eat right, exercise, and try to maintain a wholesome lifestyle, these steps may not be enough to keep your skin healthy and prevent inflammation. If you are upset by your skin’s appearance, help is available. A Salt Lake City dermatologist can help you figure out what is causing your acne and develop a skincare treatment plan to combat it.

Bacterial Growth

Cosmetic dermatologists warn that even the most innocent habits can contribute to acne formation. For instance, consider how you sleep, work, and generally relax at home. Do you often lay or lean on your hands? This can exacerbate or initiate acne very resistant to treatment.

Obstructed Pores

Your pores play a critical role in overall health. They move out waste products such as sweat and salt to help your body maintain an internal equilibrium. However, pores can become easily obstructed, and when they do, acne can result. When you consult a dermatologist about your skin issues, he might ask about your skincare routine. It could be that your skin care regimen may be inadvertently blocking your pores and contributing to your acne problems.

Excessive Oil

Oil is another essential element for skin health. It helps retain moisture, which can keep your skin looking bright and youthful. Should your face produce too much of this important fluid, though, it could heighten your risk of acne. Excessive oil production is common with hormonal changes. That is why so many teenagers going through puberty suffer from this condition. Yet many adults contend with hormonal imbalances as well and may need acne treatment for it.

Swinyer-Woseth Dermatology has the acne treatment solutions you need to enjoy brighter and clearer skin. To learn more about our skincare options, call (801) 266-8841. We provide diverse services, including laser treatment for acne, to cater to your specific skincare needs.

Spider Veins: What They Are and How To Treat Them

Cosmetic dermatologists note that clear, beautiful skin is more than just a facial problem. Many people contend with skin issues on their legs as well. In particular, spider veins can compromise leg appearance and cause frustration. If you suffer from spider veins, talk to a Salt Lake City dermatologist about your cosmetic concerns. He can make recommendations regarding how to better prevent spider veins and what treatment strategies can eliminate them.


Spider veins are small veins that lie just under the surface of the skin. What makes these veins so conspicuous is the pooling of blood in them. This accumulation of blood results in noticeable blue and red markings on the thighs, calves, and ankles. The reasons why blood might pool in these veins can vary. Trauma that obstructs the veins from effectively moving blood back to the heart may result in spider veins. Hormone fluctuations can cause them to develop as well. Dermatologists also tend to see spider veins in pregnant patients, as the additional weight of the baby can place greater pressure on these small veins and damage them. The deterioration of these small veins may happen as a result of older age, too.

Treatment Options

Spider vein prevention often centers on maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding vein trauma. However, once spider veins appear, they typically do not go away on their own. If you want to get rid of unsightly spider veins, talk to your dermatologist about sclerotherapy. This minimally invasive procedure can safely and comfortably alleviate the look of unwanted red and blue veins. This treatment option uses an intravenous solution that triggers the breakdown of these small veins. After the initial procedure, the body begins to absorb the treated spider veins, leaving behind only beautifully clear skin.

Get the gorgeous legs you want. Call Swinyer-Woseth Dermatology today at (801) 266-8841 to schedule a consultation with either Dr. Douglas Woseth or Dr. Leonard Swinyer. Our Salt Lake City cosmetic dermatology practice can help you achieve a radiant and youthful appearance from head to toe.

See How LATISSE Can Help You With This App!

With LATISSE treatment, a Salt Lake City dermatologist can help you have the full, long eyelashes you want. When you use the iLash Studio application, you can see exactly how LATISSE could enhance your appearance before you begin treatment.

The iLash Studio app provides a projection of the results you may get when you undergo LATISSE treatment. It can also help you better understand the LATISSE process so that when you contact a dermatologist about treatment, you can be more informed about the procedure. So if you’ve been considering LATISSE treatment, now is the perfect time to see how you could look with the iLash Studio app!

Did you know that Swinyer-Woseth Dermatology offers LATISSE eyelash enhancement? To schedule a consultation with Dr. Leonard Swinyer or Dr. Douglas Woseth, call us at (801) 266-8841.

Is LATISSE Right for You?

Cosmetic dermatology in Salt Lake City can make it possible for you to enjoy clear, smooth, and youthful-looking skin. But cosmetic dermatologists can do far more than provide successful skincare treatment. They can also help you win the battle against short and thin eyelashes. LATISSE is a safe, FDA-approved treatment option for poor eyelash growth. Whether you want your eyelashes to be longer or more voluminous, LATISSE can help you get them. To know if LATISSE can alleviate your eyelash concerns, you must first undergo a dermatologist evaluation. Not only can a dermatologist determine if you are a candidate for this type of treatment, but also he can help you better anticipate the results of it. In many cases, it takes only four months or less for LATISSE to significantly improve the appearance of your eyelashes.

See for yourself why so many people have used LATISSE for eyelash enhancement. Call Swinyer-Woseth Dermatology at (801) 266-8841 to learn more about this innovative treatment. Our website also details the complete cosmetic dermatology services that Dr. Leonard Swinyer and Dr. Douglas Woseth provide.

Taking a Look at Our Chemical Peel Options

Chemical peels can provide both anti aging and acne treatment benefits. While over-the-counter products may offer only minimal improvement to the skin, chemical peels performed by a dermatologist in Salt Lake City can yield noticeable and lasting results. That is why Swinyer-Woseth provides several chemical peel options that cater to the individual needs of our patients.

Patients can discuss their skin issues with our cosmetic dermatologists and select the chemical peel that best addresses their skin problems. For individuals contending with mild acne or subtle signs of aging, our cosmetic dermatology experts might suggest a salicylic or glycolic acid peel. Both options can greatly reduce tone and texture issues but require nominal recovery time. Patients with more extensive acne scarring or skin wrinkling may be better served with a Jessner's solution or trichloroacetic acid peel. These types of chemical peels reach the lower layers of the skin to achieve more dramatic results.

Would you like to learn more about our anti aging services? Then call Swinyer-Woseth Dermatology at (801) 657-3779 for a consultation. Our cosmetic dermatology experts can help you enjoy the healthy and youthful skin you deserve.

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